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ChatBeacon Reports & Analytics

Know how your agents and website are performing in real time.

ChatBeacon Freedom

We can track all (website) visitor activity on the website including the following stats:

  • New or Returning Visitor

  • Number of Previous Visits

  • number of previous chats along with all chat transcripts

  • what page the visitor is currently viewing

  • location on the Map

  • how many pages they visited in the current session

  • how many chat invites they received

  • total time on the website, plus idle time (time since their last click)

  • IP address

  • with the visitor's approval, we can also track the physical address in real-time

Our Live Monitoring capabilities can be combined with ChatBeacon HERO which enables the Operator to view the visitor's website session in real-time.

New Map View!

View your website traffic and live chats plotted on the map. Easily see active chats and segments, invite visitors or initiate instant chats.

ViewPort 360

A real time view of all your website visitor traffic and chat metrics is now available in an easy to use browser-based dashboard. Our newest Reports and Analytics feature enables you to stay in control of your chat operation. At a glance, you can measure and improve customer experience. ChatBeacon offers Live Monitoring metrics for website visitor tracking, conversations, chat timings, chat satisfaction, operator stats, proactive chat invites and much more. Specifically, we track the following metrics:

Chats• Chats per operator • Active chats-pending chat requests • Chat transfers • Transfers per chat

Timings• Average response • Avg wait • Longest wait • Avg chat • Longest chat

Operators• online operators • away • out to lunch • back in 5 minutes • offline

Queues • online • away • out to lunch • back in 5 minutes

Visitors• total visitors on the website (live) • returning visitors • unique visitors • invites accepted • invites rejected

SummariesChat Satisfaction (Sentiment Surveys)-PreChat and PostChat

The ChatBeacon Management Portal also offers the following KPIs:• average response time • mobile vs desktop (visitors) • chats from desktop • chats from mobile devices • average handle time • service level • who's answering (top operators) • live visitor traffic plotted on the map

Additionally, Managers and Supervisors may retrieve historical reports and easily filter the results per website, department or operators, or access important KPI metrics:

Gain valuable insights that will increase growth and improve customer service.

Easily accessible from any device with just a few clicks or taps.

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