3 Tips to Stay Productive at Work Right Before the Holidays

With Christmas less than a week away, you may be having a harder time than usual making it to Friday. With so much excitement and holiday cheer in the air, it can be incredibly difficult to stay productive at work. Trust me, I’m counting down the days till Christmas, and the absolute last thing I want to be doing right now is write this blog (sorry, Boss). 

I figure that I’m probably not alone in this feeling of work-related apathy, so I came up with a few tips to help keep you productive at work in the wake of all the holiday fun.

1.   Avoid procrastination.

Look, I know this is soooo much easier said than done, especially when you have so much on your mind. You get so consumed with buying last minute gifts, planning your annual Ugly Sweater party, and wondering if Uncle Paul is going to get too drunk at Christmas dinner again this year, that your work projects and deadlines go by the wayside. Sometimes, you can push things off until the last minute and still be successful. (Throwback to that one time in college I went to a concert the night before I had a 5-page research paper due at 9 am, somehow managing to submit it at 8:59 AND get a solid A, thank you very much.) However, real life isn’t like college unfortunately, so procrastination can be detrimental to your professional career. Make work your only priority while you’re in the office. Make a list, and check it twice (get it?) and make sure you get ALL of your projects out of the way early, so you’re not cramming it all in the Friday before Christmas. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did.


2.   Take a break.

This seems pretty counterproductive considering the fact that I just told you to make work your main focus while you’re there. However, it’s important to remember that you should never be afraid to take a moment for yourself when you need it. The holidays can be a very stressful time for some, so if you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break. Taking as little as 15 minutes to clear your head can really improve your productivity. No one works well under stressful conditions, so if you start to feel the toll all the added stress can take, go for a walk, have a quick snack, or trim your bonsai tree if you’re into that kind of thing. You’ll feel 100X better and get back to your tasks in a much clearer frame of mind.


3.   Load up on festive holiday treats.

So you walk into the break room one December morning and see that Linda from payroll brought a huge plate of her famous gingerbread cookies. You tell yourself you’ll “just have one” with your morning cup of coffee. Before you know it, you’re taking your last bite of that delicious morsel, and suddenly, you want more. The sweet, gingery, festive goodness is all you can think about. You become consumed by the thought of the cookie. “Just. One. More,” you think to yourself. For hours and hours, Linda’s cookies are at the forefront of your mind. You can’t think. You can’t breathe. You certainly can’t work. You start Pinteresting recipes for gingerbread cookies. Dreaming about gingerbread cookies. You need your gingerbread cookie fix, and you need it NOW! Finally, when you can’t bear the longing anymore, you peel yourself from your desk and book it to the break room. When you finally reach your destination, you look down to realize your worst fear: the cookies are gone! Bet you anything it was Bill from accounting; he’s notorious for being the office sweet tooth. You’re crushed. Heartbroken. Now you have to wait an entire year for the cookies. How will you ever make it?!

We’ve all told the, “I just want one cookie” lie. Plus, there’s something extra fun about holiday themed treats. So go ahead and grab a few and keep them at your desk while you work. After all, holiday calories don’t count. It’s a fact. A bite or two of a sweet treat every now and then can even keep your blood sugar regulated, helping with focus and concentration (that’s an actual fact). So go ahead and #treatyoself.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at ChatBeacon!