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7 Goal-Setting Tips That Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

I stopped dead in my tracks when I got an email from the gym I enthusiastically joined on January 1st. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” it read....

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You Can't Afford to Ignore These ChatBot Facts!

AI ChatBots are on the rise and they’re not slowing down! Customers love them because they attend to their needs in an instant. Businesses can’t...

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Failure to Launch - Don’t Be a Small Business That Doesn’t Make It

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve seen, first-hand, the blood, sweat, and tears involved in building a company from the ground up. It...

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How ChatBeacon Is Changing The ChatBot Game

What if we told you there was a way that you could considerably cut staffing costs, serve customers instantly, AND be available to answer their...

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3 Tips to Stay Productive At Work Right Before The Holidays

With Christmas less than a week away, you may be having a harder time than usual making it to Friday. With so much excitement and holiday cheer in...

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5 Live Chat Myths — Squashed

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that offering live chat on websites has gone from a nice luxury to a complete necessity over the last...

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Introducing ChatBeacon 2.0

Today, SmartMax Software launches ChatBeacon 2.0, the latest ChatBeacon update.

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Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush?

For most, the holiday season is a time of joy, nostalgia, and giving back.

For those of us running online businesses, however, the major increase...

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Are You Losing Customers to the Competition? Here's Why

Let's face it; there's competition in everything–especially business. Unless you're running a utility company, or have the best patent attorney in...

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FOR USE ONLY: In Extreme Customer Service Situations

Anyone who's ever worked in customer service knows that it can be incredibly difficult at times, especially when you're dealing with a...

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