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Your Website's Very Own Concierge

As a shamelessly devoted shopper, I've found that there are often two very polarizing customer service extremes.

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Meet ChatBeacon

Welcome to the start of something new.
This is a very exciting day for SmartMax Software. As some of you may know, we have been gearing up for...
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What’s Next in 2017?

The countdown to 2017 is officially here! With just a couple of weeks left in this year, it’s probably pretty safe to say that most of us are more...

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Dominate the World in Any Language

Remember what you learned in your high school French class?We’ll be honest; neither do we.

Luckily, with live chat by ChatBeacon, you can keep...

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Let’s Talk About Filters

Let’s talk about #filters for a minute. No, we’re not talking about Instagram or Snapchat filters. The filters we’re talking about not only make...

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Communication Just Got Simpler

Let’s take a moment to throw it back to 1990. George Herbert Walker Bush was president of the United States, Madonna’s “Vogue” was topping the...

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Can Your Website Handle the Holidays?

For most, the holiday season is a time of joy, nostalgia, and giving back.

For those of us running online businesses, however, it can be a time of...

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The Future is Now with Peek Messaging

Okay, so we may not be psychic, but we can definitely read minds. With live chat by ChatBeacon, you can too!

Behold, your very own crystal ball....

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Bring the noise to your website today! Here are four good reasons why you can’t afford not to.

Live chat is not only a convenient feature for your website. It’s a vital component to your business as a whole.

Maybe you’re considering...

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