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August 18, 2022

5 Ways ChatBeacon Makes All the Difference


It's no secret that good customer service can make or break a business. It's been estimated that as many as 91% of unhappy customers will never willingly do business with you again.[1] In a typical brick-and-mortar store, it's much easier to cater to your customers, answer their questions immediately, and leave a lasting impression that keeps them coming back. However, if you're running a website, it's much harder to give that top-notch service. Here at ChatBeacon, we believe that owning an online business doesn't limit your customer service abilities. Given the right tools and these helpful tips, you can add a personal touch that sets your website apart from the rest and makes all the difference!



Customers like to know their presence is noted and appreciated. Just because you're running a website doesn't mean that your visitors don't want acknowledgment of some sort. With ChatBeacon Live Chat, you can personally welcome every customer to your website with a friendly greeting. ChatBeacon gathers information about your customers in a natural conversational setting and remembers that information every time the visitors come back. This gives your operators the chance to personalize the chat experience and make customers feel extra special.



Living in a world of smart phones and digital assistants (such as Siri and Alexa) means we live in a world of instant gratification. When your customers need you, they need you NOW. If you're not around to help them, they'll find someone else who is. With an average hold time of 1 minute and 51 seconds[2] for phone support and an average 23 hour[3] response time for email support, nobody is willing to wait for your help if they don't have to. Live chat makes it easy to assist your customers in real time, making it the fastest means of customer support available. Our new ChatBeacon ChatBot upgrade can save you and your customers even more time. With a quick installation and subscription to, you can have ChatBots up and running on your website in minutes. ChatBots can provide predefined answers to common questions and can intelligently route chats to different human agents or departments based on the customer's inputs. Because of the ChatBot's initial setup and ability to learn as it goes, it has the unique capability of acting as a 24/7 chat agent, helping your website show an online chat option at all times.



Working in customer service can be a tricky job. When dealing with a difficult customer, or when you have to give a customer disappointing news, it's important to make sure that you're phrasing everything in the most professional and respectful way possible. After all, there is a right way and a wrong way to say everything. With live chat support by ChatBeacon, you have time to carefully think about responses before you send them. You can even preset responses for certain situations. Just in case things get a little too heated, we offer bad word filters to make sure everything stays clean. With ChatBeacon, there's less guesswork, less slips of the tongue, and most importantly, less unhappy customers.



Your customers love it when you're one step ahead of them. While part of anticipating your customer's needs comes with training and experience, ChatBeacon can help too! We offer a unique feature called “peek messaging.” Once your customer starts typing a message in the chat window, your agents can read their message in real-time, before they even press 'send.' This means that they can start generating a response before the customer is even finished drafting their message. Your customers will be impressed with how fast and knowledgeable your support staff is, and your agents will love being able to serve customers quickly and efficiently.



The internet really opens so many doors for you and your business. With 7.5 billion people in the world, you want to make sure you can cater to anyone from any country that stumbles upon your website. Unless you're the President, you probably don't have multilingual staff. ChatBeacon Live Chat can automatically translate chats into 52 languages. Say “adios” to language barriers and “bonjour” to your happy customers!

To learn more about ChatBeacon, hop on over to our Tour Page, or start a chat with us. We're in the business of communication, so we'd love to talk!

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