ChatBeacon 3.0 Has Arrived

Spring may be lingering for a couple more weeks, but we’re pretty sure everyone is already in the summer state of mind. So with the unofficial start of summer comes the official announcement of something really, really awesome! In the spirit of renewal and change, SmartMax Software is thrilled to release our newest ChatBeacon version: ChatBeacon 3.0. We broke our backs carefully cultivating this update, and now you’ll get to reap all the benefits it has to offer!

In addition the dozens of fantastic features offered in ChatBeacon 2.0, ChatBeacon 3.0 offers four exciting new updates you cannot miss. Take a look below to explore what’s in store!

ChatBeacon Virtual Assistant

If you’re running a small business with limited staff to handle your web chats, but a subscription to a third-party chatbot platform isn’t within your budget, ChatBeacon 3.0 offers a FREE Virtual Assistant option to help you out. Now, you can program quick replies, triggers, or actions using our updated Business Rules Engine to auto-answer commonly asked questions sent by your website’s visitors. Whether you assign the Virtual Assistant to one department, two departments, or even multiple sites, this feature is available with ALL ChatBeacon 3.0 subscriptions.

ChatBeacon Agent Channels

If you’re a real estate agent or work in an industry that frequently takes you out of the office for business, chatting with your online visitors just got a whole lot easier. Conveniently reply to chats sent from your website’s visitors right from your cell phone using your email or SMS chat application. There’s no need to log into the desktop console or to download a separate ChatBeacon app to your phone. Once enabled, the ChatBeacon ChatBot can automatically answer all incoming messages, then (if needed) transfer them to a specific department, where Agents can conveniently reply to chats from their cell phones (via SMS or email application). Additionally, mobile Agents can now accept new chat requests and chat transfers from their respective departments via email or SMS and set their chat availability with hashtag commands (#online, #offline, and #status).

Business Rules Engine

ChatBeacon 3.0 offers tons of new triggers and actions through the Business Rules Engine. Now, you can automatically transfer or route chats based on the visitor's profile (geolocation, chat origin, chat messages and more). If your website has many different web pages, you can assign different content-specific marquee messages to pop up on each page offering services, promotions, and more. 

GDPR Compliance

ChatBeacon 3.0 is completely GDPR compliant. In the wake of The General Data Protection Regulation taking effect, we have updated our Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and the ChatBeacon software. If you’d like to read more information about the GDPR legislation and how SmartMax Software has taken steps to become GDPR compliant, click here.

Current ChatBeacon for The Cloud customers can download the latest version of ChatBeacon at absolutely no cost and begin using it immediately.

If you’re currently using SightMax or ChatBeacon for Your Server, please feel free to chat with us to request more information regarding upgrade* options and pricing.

Interested in ChatBeacon? We’d love to offer you a 14-day risk-free trial of ChatBeacon 3.0 at absolutely no cost you. Once you’re ready to commit, we’ll even beat your existing live chat rate by 10% and lock in that rate for life! Click the link below to chat with one of our product specialists and take advantage of this fantastic deal!


*With the ChatBeacon 3.0 upgrade, chat server settings and chat history will be retained.