It's Here! Interactive Screen Sharing from ChatBeacon!

Announcing ChatBeacon Interactive Screen Share!

Effortless and streamlined, our new Interactive Screen Share provides a collaborative approach to your visitors and customers as they browse through your website.

With just a click of a button, your agents can seamlessly assist website visitors in real-time as they navigate through your site, seeing exactly what the visitor is viewing and precisely what they are doing. Are they stuck? Need product suggestions? With interactive screen share, your agents go smoothly from a live chat conversation to the visitor’s screen, quickly jumping in and coming to the rescue. Even the simplest of actions, such as adding items to a shopping cart or lending a hand with the completion of forms, can be handled by your agents in an efficient and unobtrusive way.

The Interactive Screen Share functionality is natively integrated into the ChatBeacon Operator Console and requires no visitor plugins or downloads. Simple and smart, it just works!

Key benefits:

- Collaborate with your customers in real time as they browse your website.

- No Downloads or plugins required for the visitor.

- Privacy.

- Screen Share in two ways:
       With just one click, an operator can view the visitor's browser and mouse without requesting permission from the visitor.
       Alternatively, with permission, an operator can control the visitor's mouse and keyboard within the browser.

- Highlight important areas on the customer's screen or highlight where to click.

- Browse, Scroll and Click together.

- The Screen Share option is natively integrated in the ChatBeacon Operator Console.

- Perfect for Sales, Support and Onboarding.

- Enjoy ChatBeacon FREE for 14 days, including Interactive Screen Share and all its features.

Please let us know if you would like to enable the Screen Share trial for your account.