August 18, 2022

Three Things My First Job Taught Me About Customer Service


As a lot of you can relate, my college experience was a delicate balance of studying for exams, perfecting my beer-pong overhand, and working as a server at a local restaurant. For many, our first few jobs have less to do with building a career, and more to do with paying bills and learning how to be a “grown up.” Regardless, our early workforce beginnings do build the foundation of skills that make us exceptional at what we eventually do. I'll probably (hopefully) never need to balance chemical equations again, but the lessons I learned as a server are ones that I utilize every single day of my professional life.

(1) Know Your Audience

Every customer is unique, and every customer has different needs and desires when they come to you. There is no "one size fits all" approach to customer service. Some people like for you to be very present and hold their hand every step of the way. Others are extraordinarily independent, knowing exactly what they're looking for. Always be flexible in dealing with your customers. Be cognizant of the ways in which you can make their experience best for them.

(2) Establish Personal Connections with Customers

While every customer is just as important as the last, repeat customers are the ones that keep your business thriving. It's been estimated that it's 6X more expensive to create a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. Regulars appreciate the special acknowledgment you give them. A simple "welcome back!" can make a huge difference and make them feel appreciated.

(3) You Get What You Give

The mostly good (but sometimes bad, depending on my mood that particular day) thing about working for tips, was that I truly learned the value of hard work and a positive attitude. It's important to treat every single customer, no matter how they treat you in return, with care and respect. Working in customer service isn't always easy. However, making a difference in someone's day is a mutually beneficial experience.


Oftentimes with web-based businesses, customer service goes by the wayside. However, since your market quite literally encompasses everyone in the entire world (with a solid internet connection, anyway), efficient and personalized customer service is more important than anything.

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