August 18, 2022

Why AI ChatBots Are the New Frontier In Business


Remember the opening scene of the 1984 James Cameron classic The Terminator?

The year is 2029 and the city of Los Angeles has become the apocalyptic battleground of the war between man and machine. Robots controlled by an artificially intelligent computer system have wrought havoc on society and ravaged the human population. Armed with only their laser beams and a prayer, the last remaining humans must take down the seemingly indestructible army of cyborgs before it's too late.

Back in 1984, a movie about AI robots taking over the world was a horrifyingly entertaining, albeit extremely far-fetched, concept. Anyone that watched the last twenty minutes of Titanic know that James Cameron can be a bit overly dramatic, but he was not wrong in his prediction that artificial intelligence would rise in ability and prominence in the decades to come.

Experts say that artificial intelligence is the new frontier in the business world, boosting profits and innovation. According to a study conducted by PEGA, 86% of consumers polled had no idea they were using AI technology (such as digital assistants Siri, Cortana, and Alexa) on a very regular basis. Without realizing it, we've been allowing AI to simplify our lives for years, and now, that technology is available to simplify online communication between you and your valued customers.

We've talked before about the absolute necessity of having live chat on your website. While there are many solutions on the market today, not all live chat is created equal. Combining the real-time communication of live chat with the convenience and speed of artificial intelligence, ChatBeacon ChatBots with Google Dialogflow, give your customers the best possible live chat experience every time they visit your website.

The ChatBeacon ChatBot uses advanced technology to learn, comprehend, and act. In conjunction with a Google Dialogflow subscription, this upgraded feature can be set up in just a few minutes. Once activated, the ChatBot instantly greets every online visitor and captures customer information during a natural conversation, eliminating the need for a PreChat survey. ChatBots can provide predefined answers to common questions and can intelligently route chats to different human agents or departments based on the customer's inputs. Because of the ChatBot's initial setup and ability to learn as it goes, it has the unique capability of acting as a 24/7 chat agent, helping your website show an online chat option at all times. In the event that the ChatBot is unable to assist your visitor, it can capture offline messages and send them to your live agents via email to be answered at their earliest convenience.

Unlike most automated chat bots, the ChatBeacon ChatBot has the ability comprehend and communicate in a natural conversational tone. This means that your customers can get the help they need, as if they were speaking to an actual person. This saves your business time and money, while still giving your customers friendly and effective customer support around the clock. Your ChatBots can have names and avatars, just as your live agents would, giving a more “human-like” feel to the chat experience.

The ChatBot upgrade is available with all subscriptions of ChatBeacon CLOUD and ChatBeacon LOCAL. With plans starting at just $15 a month, there's ChatBeacon option to fit any budget. To learn more about AI and chatbots, follow the link below to download our white paper.

For more information on our products or features, or to find out how you can get a FREE 14-day trial of ChatBeacon, start a chat with a member of our team.

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