Your Website’s Very Own Concierge

As a shamelessly devoted shopper, I've found that there are often two very polarizing customer service extremes.

There's situation A, where I walk into a store and have to desperately scour the aisles in a tireless effort to find someone, anyone, who can hopefully tell me where to find the super glue or what type of motor oil I need for my car.

On the other hand, in situation B, I'm casually browsing the shoe department and constantly bombarded by one sales associate after another asking, “How are you doing today? “Is there anything I can help you find?” “Are you looking for anything in particular?” “Let me know if you have any questions,” effectively ruining the zen of summer sandal shopping.

Neither extreme is more or less unpleasant than the other, but both make me equally less likely to shop at that store again.

A website completely lacking in live chat is the online-equivalent to situation A. Your customers have to search your website top-to-bottom for a phone number to reach you, follow all the necessary prompts, and probably spend a decent amount of time on hold just to ask one simple question.

However, standard live chat solutions on the market today with lengthy pre-chat surveys in which your customers are asked to give their full name, email address, blood type, mother's maiden name, and social security number just to ask if the sequin tube top is available in blue, create the online-equivalent of situation B.

So by now, you're probably wondering how you offer the happy medium of customer support to your online traffic...

SmartMax Software, Inc. proudly presents their latest live chat app, ChatBeacon, launching today.

ChatBeacon is more than just a live chat. It is a personal website concierge service. This app is unique from traditional live chats in that it integrates the optional utilization of artificial intelligence bots into your customer's chat experience. Partnering with, the ChatBeacon OperatorBot just needs a subscription to and a simple flow chart created upon installation to get up and running. Once your customers start a chat and begin typing, it uses everything you taught it to generate answers to commonly asked questions and can direct your customers to an agent in the correct department.


ChatBeacon also offers a simplified Agent Application, giving your operators all the tools they need to communicate with your customers in the easiest way possible. As with the Agent Application, the chat box is also redesigned. With the sleek new chat box and new customization features, you can design the perfect chat box to match your website's unique aesthetic. These new features, and dozens more, come standard with all subscriptions in the new ChatBeacon product line.

ChatBeacon CLOUD offers a cloud-based live chat application, while ChatBeacon LOCAL can be hosted on your own servers. ChatBeacon GO, the Android-enabled mobile version, comes standard with both applications and is perfect for business owners on the move. Catering to a variety of websites and industries, from real estate, to education, to credit unions, ChatBeacon has the perfect app for you.

With pricing starting at just $15 a month, you get the flexibility and the affordability you need.

To schedule a demo of the all-new ChatBeacon, or to start a free 14-day ChatBeacon LOCAL trial (CLOUD available May 22nd), simply click the button below to get started!

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Natalie Delamater, Director of Social Media