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ChatBeacon is the ONLY chat solution that provides bot integration/support with IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework. Your choice, out of the box.

Upgrade your ChatBeacon Everything+ subscription to enable ChatBots.
Create highly intelligent bots with the ability to:

Fully compatible with THREE major chatbot platforms, you have the choice between
Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson Conversation, and Microsoft Bot Framework.
Take a look below to explore your chatbot options:

Google Dialogflow

(Part of the Google Cloud Platform)

  • Multi-lingual

    Google Dialogflow supports over 20 languages and seamlessly integrates with over 14 platforms. Expand your reach by building bots that are multi-lingual.

  • Natural Conversation

    Learns to recognize the intent and context of what a user says, allowing conversational interface to provide highly efficient and accurate responses. Your users will never know they’re speaking to a bot.

  • Preset Bots

    Save time by utilizing any of the 30+ fully-customizable pre-built industry-specific agents that specialize in different areas of knowledge.

  • Customer Service

    Follow-up on orders, schedule appointments, answer commonly asked questions, and assist users with simple tasks by building conversational interfaces designed to perform these tasks.

IBM Watson Conversation

  • User Friendly

    The IBM Watson Conversation is extremely easy to setup and operate for both developers and non-technical users. Quickly build and deploy an IBM chatbot and use it as a Virtual Agent that can answer chats across all chat channels: website, SMS Chat and Facebook Chat, even across multiple websites and departments.

  • Time-Saving

    Save time by deploying and training intelligent chatbots in just a few minutes via a web interface, with no complex code-writing needed. Eliminate lengthy prechat surveys with chatbots that capture customer information in a natural conversation.

  • Robust Platform

    Take advantage of the IBM platform to integrate cognitive computing into your ChatBeacon Live Chat account. Create chatbots that use IBM’s advanced technology to learn, comprehend, and act, serving your customers as efficiently as a human agent.

  • Natural Language

    The IBM technology learns as it goes, and understands natural language. Chatbots can respond to customers in a human-like conversation, with impressive accuracy. Your customers will never know they’re speaking to a bot.

Microsoft Bot Framework

(For Advanced Users and Developers)

  • Speedy Development

    Azure Bot Service speeds up development by providing an integrated environment that's purpose-built for bot development with the Microsoft Bot Framework connectors and BotBuilder SDKs. Developers can get started in seconds with out-of-the-box templates for scenarios including basic, form, language understanding, question and answer, and proactive bots.

  • Great Conversationalist

    Build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots to naturally interact with your users. Learns native language so well, your customers will think they’re interacting with a live human agent.

  • Cognitive Services

    Create bots that can recognize a user in photos, moderate content, make smart recommendations, translate language and more. Cognitive Services enable your bot to see, hear, and interpret in more human ways.

  • Commerce Bots

    Together, the Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service enable developers to create conversational interfaces for various industries like banking, travel, entertainment, and more.

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