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SmartMax is a technology company that builds digitally-focused software for the internet.  Businesses of every size from startups to Fortune 100 companies use our software to enhance interaction between their customers and employees online.

Web Browser Based Chat

We have built software that goes where you need to go.

  • With the ChatBeacon Digital Live Chat Platform you can access the Agent and Management Portals with your browser.
  • We concentrate on chat so that we provide the best experience for you and partner with other great companies like Google and Zapier to integrate into your business needs.
  • We provide one on one customer service to you so that if you need anything we are here.
We are here to provide superior chat software.
Our History

We have been at the forefront of the Chat evolution.

In 1992, SmartMax Software —the brainchild of entrepreneur and owner Eric Weber— was born. That same year, we debuted our first product, Excalibur BBS, an award-winning and undiminished success. With the first graphical Windows-based bulletin board system under his belt, Eric felt further inspired to build his team and pursue software development in other arenas.

As the Internet gained popularity, we saw an opportunity to enter the Internet Server ring by creating a robust, user-friendly e-mail server for businesses. In 1996 we succeeded, with the inception of MailMax. Highly successful, MailMax Internet Server for Windows™ still fulfills many companies e-mail needs, 21 years later.

Live chat emerged in the mid-90s to assist Web site customer service and sales, and with that, our savvy team took note of many shortcomings. Building on the momentum of Excalibur and MailMax, we set our “sights”, and developer expertise, on the solution. In 2004, our highly-experienced team began a quest to remedy the bevy of deficiencies of Live Chat and create a state-of-the-art solution that clients could install on their own servers. This product is known as SightMax!

Launched in January, 2005, and written in .NET, SightMax Live Chat, became an award-winning leader of Live Chat solutions for over a decade.

Twelve years after the launch of SightMax Live Chat, SmartMax Software proudly introduced their newest innovation in live chat, called ChatBeacon in 2017. ChatBeacon, unlike other live chat software on the market, incorporates state-of-the-art features like artificial intelligence bots and firmographics to simplify the live chat process, and give your company an edge over the competition. We're certain that it will continue to dominate the industry, just like its predecessor SightMax, in the years to come.

ChatBeacon advances the Customer Experience
Reseller Program

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  • The ChatBeacon Reseller program provides a generous 20% reseller discount to members.
  • Innovative, easy to use and setup, ChatBeacon will provide you and your clients with a powerful live chat solution.
  • ChatBeacon is a proven industry leader
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“ChatBeacon continues to be essential to our member engagement strategy. We were able to start very easily out of the box.”

- G. Winters

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