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You can connect with these tools
Chat Automation

Answer your Customers needs with Chat Automation.

  • You can provide automated answers to common questions to streamline your visitor experience.
  • You can direct visitors to Operators and Departments that can help them with their specific needs with your ChatBot.
  • When you can't be online you can still be there for your visitors with your ChatBot.
When they need you, be there.
Screen Share

You can see what your customers see.

  • No Downloads required for your visitors.
  • Screen Sharing is natively integrated into your Agent App.
  • Your Agent can see your visitor's browser and mouse movement with 1 click (with permission from your Visitor).
Sharing the screen can bring clarity.
Video Chat

You can build confidence with face to face time.

  • Talk within the Chat Window Face to Face.
  • You can initiate the video chat from the operator console.
  • No Downloads required for your visitor.
Giving a face to your business creates relationships
SMS Chat

You can be just a text away.

  • Your customers have the freedom to contact your anytime in their native messaging app.
  • Receive SMS text messages through your landline number to the ChatBeacon app.
  • Your Visitor's messages are delivered directly into your agent app.
Customers can contact you even without your website

You have all the tools in one place to Serve Your Customers.

You will be able to make the most of ChatBeacon with these included features.

Invite your Customers

Easily chat with website customers, accepting chat invites and proactively sending chat invites.

Your Agents Can get help easily

Transfer chats from one operator to another, as well as across sites and across queue/departments.

Let your Visitors Share

File Sharing allows visitors and operators to send files/images and documents to each other via by drag and drop in their chat window.

Connect with Facebook

Accept Facebook page chat requests from within the ChatBeacon FREEDOM app.

You can keep updated

The Dashboard gives you detailed insight to your visitors and how they are interacting with your websites and operators all on one insight page.

You can get privacy

Chats can be taken “private” providing true privacy of the chat and will remain so throughout the session. For instance, upon escalation of the chat to a supervisor or tiered support.

Browser Based Agent & Management Portals

Be able to access your portal from any computer with our browser portals. Easy and intuitive to navigate around
Easily navigate between visitors and chats.

“ChatBeacon is not your typical chat software. The technology and features are geared into one seamless customer engagement offering. I was hooked from the time I attended the demo set up for our team.”

- B Randolf

“In just a matter of weeks our digital engagement went from 15% to 60%. We are thrilled to have partnered with ChatBeacon. The company, support provided, and the solution have exceeded our expectations.”

- R Roberts

“Not only has using ChatBeacon elevated our digital presence and customer service, but we’ve experienced 25% growth by converting chat conversations into new customers. It’s like we have a virtual handshake!”

- D Winters

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