ChatBeacon Features

Can I add the chat button to my email signature?

Yes! You can add the chat icon to all of your outgoing emails to allow customers to chat with you straight from their inbox instantly.

Can I instant message other Agents that are online?

Yes, ChatBeacon works as an internal instant messaging service, as well. Your Agents can instant message any Agent logged into ChatBeacon. You can also view past instant message sessions with that Agent in just one click.

Can I push website visitors to different URLs during a chat session?

Yes, you can push a visitor to any URL, and even YouTube videos, during a chat session. This feature is excellent for retail websites and technical support.

Can I add a chat button and real-time monitoring to my auction pages on Ebay™?

Yes, you can easily add the ChatBeacon chat button to your Ebay™ auction pages! However, you cannot add the monitor tag since Ebay™ does not allow javascript tags to be placed into their web pages.

Can I setup ‘canned’ response to commonly asked questions?

Yes, there are system-wide and personal canned responses that can be set up. An Agent can add as many individual canned responses as they’d like. Implementation is just as easy. Simply create a canned response and choose it from a drop-down or use a hotkey (ex. F1) to trigger it. Administrators can also setup system-wide canned responses that all Agents have access too.

Can I see what URLs and keywords visitors used in a search engine to find my site?

You can see the Visitor Referral URL, location on the map, IP address, chat origin, advanced customer variables (if enabled), and all previous website browsing and chat activity with the same browser.

Can I send an invite to chat with website visitors?

Yes. Automated chat invites can be easily setup from the ChatBeacon Management Portal.


Inline Chat Window (bottom right corner)

Static Chat Button

“Live Chat” text link

Customizable Chat Window Graphics per Website

Hide Window when Offline

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