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What if I don't have my own server?

No server? No problem! We offer a free 14-day ChatBeacon trial that's hosted on our secure servers. We'll give you a simple chat code to add your website footer, and you'll be up and running within minutes.

What is ChatBeacon?

ChatBeacon is a live website chat software program for Windows that provides live help, live support and live real-time website monitoring

Is ChatBeacon installed on our server? Or is it a hosted solution?

With ChatBeacon for Your Server, you'll install it on your own servers.

 With ChatBeacon for The Cloud, your information is hosted on our safe and secure server.

What is an Agent?

An Agent is a customer service representative using ChatBeacon for your website. They handle all chats with website visitors. Pay per agent and have concurrent Agents logged into ChatBeacon, engaging with customers, at any given time.

Does ChatBeacon provide Agent representatives to answer my chats?

Unfortunately, human Agents aren't included in the price of your ChatBeacon license or subscription. We're not even sure that's legal.However, if you purchase an Everything+ plan, you have the option to integrate one of four chatbot platforms to create bots that can intelligently serve customers just as a human agent would.

Can one Agent chat with multiple website visitors?

Yes, one agent can handle as many engagements as they're able.

Can multiple people share one account?

Yes, but only one Agent can be logged in at one time for every Agent License you own. 

For example, if you own four Agent Licenses, you can only have four Agents concurrently logged into ChatBeacon at any given time, whether to take chats, monitor the website traffic, run reports, etc.

Do website visitors need to download any software to chat?

Visitors do NOT need to install Java or download an Active-X component to chat with a ChatBeacon agent. Our HTML client ensures that ChatBeacon will operate on all computers, making the chat process as easy as possible for your customers.

Can website visitors chat with each other?

No, ChatBeacon is not built as a chat room software package. Only agents can chat with website visitors.ChatBeacon can, however, be used for internal instant messaging, meaning your agents can also use it to chat with one another.

How do I know when a visitor wants to chat?

ChatBeacon comes with three types of notifications: desktop notifications, audio and visual.

Can I use ChatBeacon on multiple websites?

ChatBeacon Pro Server allows multiple websites for the same company. The ChatBeacon Pro Cloud comes with 1 website, but you may add additional websites at a cost.

What browsers are compatible with ChatBeacon?

ChatBeacon works with any modern day browser that supports Javascript: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

Is there a ChatBeacon reseller program?

Yes, after your first purchase (at the full price) you will get 20% off of each additional purchase.

After purchasing ChatBeacon, do I get free support and upgrades?

ChatBeacon for Your Server: Yes, you will get 30 days of free support which includes free minor and major upgrades. You can also purchase the Annual Coverage so you will be able to receive technical support and software upgrades. 

ChatBeacon for The Cloud: We provide unlimited technical support via chat, phone, and email.

Is ChatBeacon easy to setup and use?

Absolutely! The Administrator and Agent apps were both designed for the non-technical to advanced computer users. To add the chat feature, you just need to add a small snippet of javascript code into the HTML of your web pages. If at any time you need assistance, support is free and we're more than happy to help!

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