Technical FAQs

In what programming language is ChatBeacon written?

Server Side: The ChatBeacon Server is written in C# using the .NET Framework 4.0 utilizing windows services as well as ASP.NET to provide a stable and scalable solution.Client Side:Uses open standard dynamic HTML technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and DOM. This allows your website visitors to utilize the services offered by the ChatBeacon product without the need for any Java, .NET, plug-ins, or Active X.

Can I setup unlimited departments / queues?

With the Everything+ Custom installable Plan, you can set up as many departments/queues as you like, no matter how many Agents you have set up, with NO additional fees. With all other ChatBeacon plans, simply add a website for $10/month or a department for $5/month.

Are chat sessions automatically saved for later retrieval?

Yep! Chat transcripts and past visitor navigation are automatically saved to a SQL database when the session is finished. Agents can share and view saved transcripts within their department as well as perform detailed searches in the transcript.

Does ChatBeacon work on a Linux server?

The ChatBeacon Server must be installed on a Windows server, but the actual websites you want to provide chat on can be on any server you like. You simply need to add the monitor and chat tags in the web pages. If you are in a Linux environment, you can check out our ChatBeacon for The Cloud hosted solution.

How do I implement the chat and real-time monitoring features?

Just copy the ChatBeacon javascript code to the bottom of your website footer, right before the closing BODY tag.

Can I use my own MS SQL server?

With ChatBeacon for Your Server, you can host your data on your own Microsoft SQL Server.With ChatBeacon for The Cloud, we’ll host the data on our side on a secure, private Microsoft SQL Server.

How much disk space does ChatBeacon use?

NOTE: The following are approximate numbers for the base install. Server Side:ChatBeacon Server – ~1 GBChatBeacon Database 5 MBAgent Side:Agent GUI – ~150 MBThe disk space required will continue to grow with the addition of new chat sessions being archived, canned responses being added, etc.

Do I need to install ChatBeacon on the same server where my websites are located?

No. After the ChatBeacon server is installed, you will just need to add a small snippet of javascript code into the HTML of your web pages to start using the chat feature.

I have an internal and public website. Do I need to purchase two copies of ChatBeacon?

No. You would just need one copy of ChatBeacon, as long as both websites can access the same central ChatBeacon Server.

Can I install the Agent Application on any server in any location I want?

Yes, the Agent Application can be installed on any Windows server where the Agent that is accepting chats is located. This includes the ability to install it on a laptop and chat with website visitors in a remote location.

Can the ChatBeacon Server be installed on Windows 2000 Pro or XP?

Unfortunately no, as Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP are not designed as a commercial web server. The connection limit is set to a maximum number of 10 concurrent connections at one time. Unlimited connections are available with Windows 2000 Server and above.

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