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Powerful Features that help

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Team Collaboration
Working together on complex customer inquiries has never been easier with the collaboration capabilities built into ChatBeacon.
Teams can even collaborate in real-time and reply to conversations via email.

Teamwork is essential for success and ChatBeacon provides the platform to ensure that each customer receives the best possible service.
Comments and Sharing
ChatBeacon's comments and sharing feature helps teams to improve their performance quickly. Agents have the ability to engage multiple chat departments and assign conversations to specific members at any time. This encourages accountability and helps ensure that customer service is always of the highest quality.

Direct Messages
ChatBeacon's direct message feature helps agents to collaborate effectively within their team. With this tool, they can exchange ideas and insights quickly, enabling them to tackle problems as a group... encouraging creativity while streamlining communication and ensuring that customer service remains top of the priority list.

Build confidence with Video Chat

Embrace customer relationships in a no-contact situation with our new Video Chat that connects you to your customers in the way they communicate in everyday life.

Talk within the Chat Window Face to Face
You can initiate the video chat from the agent app
No Downloads required for your visitor.
Live Comments
Quickly add comments to any live or ended chat. Share insights with your team members..
Tag other team members directly, or tag entire departments for a streamlined workflow.
Get notified instantly of new  team comments on shared customer conversations.
Engage your team and assign conversations for a speedy resolution

Manage customer conversations faster

Work on files together in real-time, and  review and get feedback without the back and forth.

Streamline customer conversations by introducing automation tools like live chatbots and automated email responses.
Train customer service representatives to be more efficient with their conversations.
Use analytics and data insights to better understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviors to provide faster solutions.

Expand your communication channels with secure SMS Chat

Friendly interactions just a text away

Enable SMS Chat for YOUR company phone numbers.
Integrate secure SMS Chat into existing communication channels to expand customer reach.
Automate conversation threads with AI-driven bots that can respond quickly to customer queries.
Agents receive SMS text messages through your landline number to the ChatBeacon app.
Your visitor's messages are delivered directly into your agent app.
Hi!  How can I help you today?
I'm interested in pre-qualifying for a home loan.
Wonderful, I'll be happy to help you with that! I can co-browse this session and help you complete the forms right now.
Sounds good, thank you!
Fantastic, let's get started.

Unleash the power of Conversational AI ChatBots

Assist  Customers with efficient AI Chat Automation.

Provide automated answers to common questions, streamlining your customer experience.
Extend customer service hours and reduce staffing needs through automated chatbot services.
Make customer interactions more efficient by offering tools such as interactive Q&A and automated responses.
Train the AI bot on new topics and use it to provide personalized assistance tailored to individual customers' needs.
Connect with customers on multiple channels for omnichannel customer service experiences.

Simplify customer interactions with Screen Share

See their screen in one click.

No-download, interactive co-browsing built for onboarding, support and sales
Stress-free with non-tech savvy customers
Take control when needed. Draw to draw their attention.
Scroll, click and type together

Analytics powered by Viewport 360º

Track performance measures, such as response rate, resolution time, and customer satisfaction.

Utilize advanced analytics capabilities to measure bot performance over time.
Improve customer experience by tracking response rate, resolution time and customer satisfaction metrics.
Use Viewport 360 to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and conversations with bots.

Features that get you results

Transform how your teams collaborate. Brainstorm together, develop strategies and quickly interact with multiple customer conversations.

Live Chat and Website Monitoring
TeamWork Chat Collaboration Tools
Automated AI ChatBots
Integrates with 1000+ Apps
Video Chat
Screen Share
SMS Chat

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