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The ChatHub

The ChatHub can be accessed while navigating through different areas of the application. You can easily switch from the home page, to the dashboard and chat history without losing your active conversations.

Effortless and streamlined, our new Interactive Screen Share provides a collaborative approach to your visitors and customers as they browse through your website.

The Dashboard

Chats, Operators and Visitor Reports
Detailed insight to your visitors and how they are interacting with you websites and operators all one insight page.

Easy to use interface

  1. Easily chat with website customers, accepting chat invites and proactively sending chat invites.

  2. Transfer chats from one operator to another, as well as across sites and across queue/departments.

  3. File Sharing allows visitors and operators to send files/images and documents to each other via by drag and drop in their chat window.

  4. SMS Chat allows people to chat without visiting the website. They simply send a SMS text message to a designated phone number and that will trigger a chat request.

  1. Start new Interactive Screen Share sessions with customers. No Downloads needed.

  2. Chats can be taken “private” providing true privacy of the chat and will remain so throughout the session. For instance, upon escalation of the chat to a supervisor or tiered support.

  3. The Dashboard gives you detailed insight to your visitors and how they are interacting with your websites and operators all on one insight page.

  4. Accept Facebook page chat requests from within the ChatBeacon FREEDOM app.

ChatBeacon Freedom is Included with all ChatBeacon Plans

We start you out with a ChatBeacon plan giving you all the bells and whistles, to ChatBeacon PRO plans that offer third party integrations to get even more out of your chatting. Whether you host on our servers, or on your own, you’ll always get more and pay less.


Accessibility Features

ChatBeacon FREEDOM includes visual and audio browser desktop notifications, plus accessibility options that can be enabled in Google Chrome.

Increased Security

ChatBeacon FREEDOM is deployed on secure dedicated servers, which are monitored and maintained by experienced Server Administrators. This is far more effective than monitoring hundreds of workstations, as is the case with desktop applications. This means that security is tighter and any potential breaches will be noticed far more quickly.

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