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Multiple Channels. Anytime. Anyplace.

ChatBeacon makes it easy for you to talk with your customers, sell products and answer questions through the messaging channels they use daily.


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ChatBeacon Freedom UI has been design for easy navigation
Get a full picture of your visitors with the visitor details tab
Our new Chat Hub is always accessible and expandable.

Traditional customer service doesn't cut it anymore. Our Website Chat Software gives your business the tools to succeed.


Meet ChatBeacon 2019

New Web-Based Operator Console!

ChatBeacon Conversations

Allow visitors to stay connected to the information that they want quickly. ChatBeacon Conversations keep the dialog going by allowing visitors to pick up a conversation where they left off by accessing previous chats or starting a new one all in a convenient dashboard. Past conversations are available to the website visitors when they return to the website with the same browser.

Test the feature hands-on with our ChatBeacon Chat Window. Start a Chat Now.

AI ChatBot Integration

Pick your favorite platform! In conjunction with a subscription to Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson Conversation, or Microsoft Bot Framework, your ChatBeacon ChatBot can be up and running in just a few minutes

Effortless and streamlined, our new Interactive Screen Share provides a collaborative approach to your visitors and customers as they browse through your website.

Virtual Assistant

Automatically serve your website's visitors without a subscription to a third-party chatbot platform.

One great product, three unique options, tailored to your specific needs

We start you out with an Everything plan giving you all the bells and whistles, to Everything+ plans that offer third party integrations to get even more out of your chatting. Whether you host on our servers, or on your own, you’ll always get more and pay less.

Competitive Pricing

Live chat shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Besides, we can’t exactly deposit your left foot in the bank…

Chat Your Way

Your website is special and unique in its very own way. Custom design a chat window to match with our unique customization features.

Safety First

Our enhanced security features will put you and your customers at ease. It’s like having a built in bodyguard for your website. We call ours Moe.

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