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With Zapier, ChatBeacon plays nice with over 3000+ apps.

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By connecting ChatBeacon with your other workflow apps, you can automate the collection and usage of your chat surveys and more.

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ChatBeacon partnered with Zapier to integrate with all your favorite tools.

Zapier lets you send info between ChatBeacon and other apps automatically —No code required.

with Salesforce
When this happens...
Chat Ended
Triggers when a chat ends.
automatically do this!
Add Contact to Campaign
Adds an existing contact to an existing campaign.
with Google Sheets
When this happens...
Chat Segment Contains
Triggers when a chat segment contains the specified data.
automatically do this!
Create Spreadsheet Row
Create a new row in a specific spreadsheet.
with AutoPilot
When this happens...
New Chat Request
Triggers when a new chat request has been made.
automatically do this!
Add Contact
Adds a new contact.
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“I was so pleased to see that ChatBeacon offers integration with Zapier. It allowed us to tie in our Salesforce integration.”

Anna Burnett,
Customer Service Officer

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