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ChatBeacon Virtual Assistant

Automatically serve your website's visitors without a subscription to a third-party chat platform. Active 24/7, or set to a specific schedule, the ChatBeacon Virtual Assistant uses quick replies, triggers, and actions from the Business Rules feature to auto-answer commonly asked questions sent from your chat window. Whether you assign the Virtual Assistant to one department, two departments, or even multiple websites, this feature is FREE with ChatBeacon 3.0!

GREAT FOR: Small businesses with limited Agents to answer chats. Save money on a chatbot upgrade by enabling a Virtual Assistant on your website.


ChatBeacon Agent Channels

ChatBeacon 3.0 now offers SMS Chat and Email Chat for Agents. With this feature, Agents can now answer chats on the go, without the need to login into the desktop console or download some fancy app. Once enabled, the ChatBeacon ChatBot can automatically answer all incoming messages, then (if needed) transfer them to a specific department, where Agents can conveniently reply to chats from their cell phones (via SMS or email application). Additionally, mobile Agents can now accept new chat requests and chat transfers from their respective departments via email or SMS and set their chat availability with hashtag commands (#online, #offline, and #status).

GREAT FOR: Any company with employees that spend time out of the of the office for work and chat escalation to supervisors and managers on the move.


Business Rules Engine

Our latest update includes tons of new triggers and actions. Automatically transfer or route chats based on the visitor's profile (geolocation, chat origin, chat messages and more). Enable marquee messages with custom invitations or content-specific messages on different website pages.

GREAT FOR: Companies that want to offer special services or promotions from various webpages throughout their site.

Sleek Chat Window

Instantly welcome every online visitor with a friendly greeting. Create the perfect chat window to match your website’s unique aesthetic with our customization features. Assign aliases and avatars to all of your agent profiles for a personalized touch that your customers will love.

Streamlined Agent Application

Manage ChatBeacon and all your integrations in one convenient place. Our easy-to-use Agent Application puts everything right at your fingertips. Engage in chats, store chat transcripts, access customer firmographics, post to social media accounts, and more, right from your agent console. No need for additional software or applications.

AI ChatBot Integration

Pick your favorite platform! In conjunction with a subscription to Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson Conversation, or Microsoft Bot Framework, your ChatBeacon ChatBot can be up and running in just a few minutes. ChatBots are highly customizable and can provide predefined answers to common inquiries, intelligently route chats to human agents or specific departments, and eliminate the need of a prechat survey by capturing (and remembering) customer information during a natural conversation. After its initial setup and its remarkable ability to learn as it goes, ChatBots have the unique ability to act as a 24/7 chat agent, helping your website show an online chat option at all times.

To learn more about ChatBots,
download our white paper here.

SMS Chat

Give your customers the freedom to contact your chat agents anytime, anywhere, right from their mobile phone SMS application. Configure your company’s landline phone number to receive SMS text messages, delivered straight to your Agent Application.


Know your audience! Upgrade your ChatBeacon subscription to enable firmographics by Full Contact. Get instant, accurate reportings of your customers’ business address and phone number, industry, social media profiles, revenue, and more right in your Agent Application. ChatBeacon will store this information and remember it each time the visitor comes back to your website, allowing your agents to personalize the chat experience to best serve their unique needs.

Unified Chat Channels

Give your customers the best chance to reach you, and manage all the chats in one convenient place. With three chat channel options (website chat, SMS chat, and Facebook Messenger) your agents can answer chats from any of these channels straight from their Agent Application, eliminating the need to employ extra staff to monitor them separately.

Mobile Chat Window

Our new chat window is optimized for mobile devices and works great on any smartphone browser. The responsive chat window is compatible with all websites (Wordpress, Magento, PHP, .NET websites and more). It also provides legacy support for all previous chat windows, including previous graphics customizations.

More with ChatBeacon

Master Languages

World domination may be closer than you think! Maximize global communication with in-app text translation into 52 languages.

Stay Clean

We know accidents happen. ChatBeacon automatically filters any “bad words” from the chat and chat transcripts.

Keep Tabs

We’re great with names! We’ll remember all your visitors and help you meet your customers’ specific needs.

Go Mobile

Our mobile application ChatBeaconGO is free with ALL ChatBeacon subscriptions. Perfect for business owners on the move!

Get Social

NEW! Receive the messages sent to your company’s Facebook page right to your operator app. No need for separate operators or administrators.

Read Minds

Preview what your customers are typing before they even press ‘send.’

Be Proactive

Win your customer’s love and loyalty by actively engaging with them. Connect, direct, and invite your customers to get the most out of their experience on your website.

Team Player

ChatBeacon CLOUD with Zapier integration connects with your CRM solution or 300+ other apps in a snap. Send texts or emails as a new chat begins, forward chat transcripts and more with unparalleled simplicity.

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Per Month/Per Agent

  • Leave the hosting to us!
    With our Cloud it takes only few minutes to setup and integrate into your website.




Per Month/Per Agent

  • Leave the hosting to us!
    With our Cloud it takes only few minutes to setup and integrate into your website.
    Everything Cloud with all the extras.




Per Month/Per Agent

  • Leave the hosting to us!
    With our Cloud it takes only few minutes to setup and integrate into your website.




Per Month/Per Agent

  • Leave the hosting to us!
    With our Cloud it takes only few minutes to setup and integrate into your website.
    Everything Cloud with all the extras.

Server Package



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  • Be the host with the most!
    Our on-premise option allows you to host ChatBeacon on your own server. This safe and secure option is perfect if you prefer to store chat data in-house.

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